The basketball leadership of Olimpia club presided over by Fernando Stagnari, is upset with their peers of Welcome because, when they thought that everything was resolved for the participation of Peter Kiganya with the team in the first phase of the South American League, the situation changed.

The president of Welcome, Ricardo Vairo communicated in the last hours with Stagnari to explain to him the situation of Kiganya, by whom they would pretend a greater economic income to yield the player to Olimpia for his participation in the continental tournament. Stagnari told him that he understood that the situation had already settled with the leadership of Welcome, the player himself and his representative, Roca & Moglia, but apparently everything changed even with Kiganya noted in the list of good faith that Olimpia raised to the Confederation South American last Friday.

This situation created great discomfort in the Olympic ranks, which, among other measures, informed Augusto Bastón -ex Welcome- that he did not practice with the club until the situation with Kiganya was solved, since he was part of this negotiation together abroad. Two weeks before his debut in the group “A” of the first phase of the South American League to be played in Goias, Brazil, Olimpia does not know at this time if he can count on Peter Kiganya, even though he was going to try to find a solution in the course of the day. Stagnari and the leadership of Olimpia marked its malaise with their pairs of Welcome, because even these raised the interest that had arisen by Kiganya on the part of Trouville, which at the same time generates a greater quote of the player when before Olimpia, according to the leadership ,

At this time Olympia, for more than having Kiganya scored on the list of good faith sent to the Consubasquet, is not sure the player’s participation, and on the other hand Daniel Lovera, the technician, does not know of this situation that was generated in the last hours and they were waiting for his arrival last night. Should the possibility of Kiganya fall, Olympia would be forced to sign another foreign player, taking time up to two days before the start of the South American League.

On the other hand, Welcome, is not yet qualified for the next round of the Uruguayan League, although in case of going to a tie break between three teams, his participation would go until February 14. The issue is that if tomorrow’s positions are defined from the first to the eighth, on Tuesday, February 8, the playoff round will begin, from which Welcome could participate, although in that case, the first phase of elimination will also take place. it would go until the 14th of February, as the date for the third match of the first playoff.Soon the championship opens a parenthesis until the return of Olimpia and Trouville of its participation of the first phase of Liga Sudamericana