The Ken? he ties Peter Kiganya to be? the new foreigner of the athletic Echag? and Club. It comes To play in basquetbol of Chile with a good performance. In hours of ma? Ana of this Thursday to be? arriving at the city of They stop? and to the Athletic Echag? and Club, the Keniata Peter Kiganya; a wing pivot of 1, 96 meters, 33 a? you, 106 kilos and that comes to divide equally 24 points by party, taken bounces with an average from 10.4 by party and 4.5 attendances.

He himself to its arrival to our city to happen? revisaci? n m? dica and in the evening to be? presented/displayed to the establishment, soon to make its first training under you order them of Horacio Segu.

This way the first equipment of the Atl? tico Echag? and Club, to count? ma? Ana with a new hope within its establishment to face the third game of this national Match of Ascent, that tendr? like protagonist and making its debut like the premises before regatas of San Nicholas. Source: The Eleven Digitalis