Born in Kenya, arrived in the United States and consolidated in South America 
The African Lion is the mainstay of the Liceo Mixto quintet, which today plays its third match for the final of the national tournament 
The story between love between the star pivot of Liceo Mixto and Basketball began to be written late. Peter Kiganya had the first approach to this discipline at 18 years old. 
“The sports director of my school forced me to play it, because I was tall, the famous sports were football or athletics and I was not good at any of them,” says the player, who tonight will be part of the duel in which his team will face Boston College for the final of the Dimayor, at 21 hours in Maipú
The idea of ​​his teacher gave results and after six years in the Kenyan championship, Peter won a scholarship to play in the United States. “I left at the age of 25. I played for four seasons there and then I came to South America,” warns Kiganya. 
The chosen place was none other than Chile, where the year 2001 came to Spanish from Talca. After playing in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, and earning the nickname of African Lion, his steps brought him back to the Andean sector. “Peter is a great player who has given us a lot with his rebounder attitude, he has integrated very well with the group”, explains Galo Lara, his partner in the ranks of Liceo Mixto, favorite quintet to win the title this year after winning in Your first two challenges at Boston College – 
How was your experience in Chile, Peter?
– Very good I’ve played five seasons here. Three in Spanish of Talca and two in Liceo Mixto. In all the years that I’ve played in Chile, I always went to the playoffs. 
Did you get used to the weather?
-When I came here I came from the United States, so it did not take me long to get used to it. It was difficult to play on the courts when it was very cold and very hot. – 
What do you like about Chile?
-To see, what I like most here … My work 
-How much do you plan to stay?
-I still have no plans to stay here. When the championship finishes I’ll rest in Kenya and there I’ll see what I do. 
The free time is spent online. “I’m connected twenty-four hours on the computer reading or doing graphic design things, like my page,” he warns, referring to the site , where he keeps his family and followers up to date with his hectic life 
There he also reports on his foundation (FONKenya), which helps children in his country through basketball. “This initiative confirms that apart from being a great player, Peter is a great person,” says Lara. 
“The foundation is a way to give society a little of what basketball gave me, through the game that has given me open so many doors, “adds Kiganya