Kiganya will help Echagüe
Kiganya will help Echagüe

04-01-2006 | Peter Kiganya was cut by Echagüe Club but also it will play by a party more. It is that the club maintains a debt that thinks to pay the incoming week and the player offered itself to be to disposition of the technical body until as much delay in Parana. “It is a gesture that we must value”, Butta said.

The keniata Peter Kiganya will continue playing in the Athletic Echagüe Club until as much the club does not pay an owed balance to him. As one knows the player was cut Friday the past after he has rejected a wage reduction (in the middle of his value) but as well he must his last month to him of pay. Kiganya took divided equally 16,4 points, 9,3 bounces and 2,2 attendances in 31.5 minutes and was the leader in points and bounces.

Kiganya still continues in the city from Parana to the delay of being able to receive about three thousand dollars but it maintains a good relation with the leadership and the technical body and requested to collaborate with the club at the moment complicated while its delay in the entrerriana capital lasts, gesture that the leadership valued and reincorporó thus transitorily to confront the party as opposed to Olimpia, another one of the equipment that has problems with their foreigner.

“I will remain in Parana until as much power to receive, if they want I can continue playing until as much we pruned to solve this”, words, words less, were more the reasoning of Kiganya, that with its hiring opportunely little less than revolutionized the baloncelístico atmosphere of its country and was note of cover of main means when these knew that its destiny was Argentina.

“Lamentably to Kiganya we cannot pay what he tries but the club to him cannot leave to contract a player until we cancel the debt completely”, the leader Orlando Butta said. “Anyway, this it is a gesture that we must value it, I have never seen nothing similar”, added the leader. In principle the leaders of Echagüe think to obtain the money for the incoming week reason why Kiganya would play a single party more.