The basquetbol?ica leadership of the Olimpia club that presides over Fernando Stagnari, this annoying one with its pairs of Welcome because, when they thought that everything Peter Kiganya with the equipment in first stage of South American Liga was resolute for participaci?de, situaci?cambi?El president of Welcome, Ricardo Vairo comunic?n?imas hours with Stagnari to explain situaci?de to him Kiganya, by that to try? a greater entrance econ?co to yield to the player to Olimpia for his participaci?en the continental match.

Stagnari said that entend?que situaci to him? already the ten?saldada one with the leadership of Welcome, the own player and his representative, Roca & Moglia, but apparently all change with Kiganya even written down in the good list of f?ue Olimpia elev? the Confederaci?Sudamericana the past Friday. This situaci?cre?n great malaise in olimpistas rows, that, among other measures him comunic? Augusto Bast?-ex- Welcome- that did not practice m?con the club until as much not solved situaci?con Kiganya, since?fue part of this negociaci?junto to the foreigner.

To two weeks of his debut in the group “To” of first stage of South American Liga disputing in Goias, Brazil, Olimpia it does not know by these hours if to podr?ontar with Peter Kiganya, by m?que was going away to try to look for one soluci?en running of the day. Stagnari and the leadership of Olimpia marc?u malaise with its pairs of Welcome, because these even raised inter?que to him hab?surgido by Kiganya on the part of Trouville, which generates greater cotizaci?del as well player when before Olimpia, seg?la leadership, already ten?todo decided to have the player.

At the moment Olimpia, by m?de to have to Kiganya written down in the good list of f?nvi? the Consubasquet, does not have safe participaci?del player, and on the other hand Daniel Lovera, the t?ico, does not know of this situci?que gener?n?imas hours and were being expected his arrival last night in?imas hours. In case of falling the possibility of Kiganya, Olimpia ver?obligado to file another foreign player, having time up to two d? before the beginning of South American Liga.

On the other hand, Welcome, a?no est?lasificado to the following round of Uruguayan Liga, although in case of going to a tiebrake between three equipment, his participaci?ir?hasta the 14 of February. The subject is that if in the date of ma?a the positions of the first a are defined the eighth, Tuesday 8 of dar?inicio February the round of play off of which to podr?participar Welcome, although in that case, equal, first stage of eliminaci?

ir?como m?mo until the 14 of February, like date for the third party of first play off. Soon the championship

opens to a par?esis until the return of Olimpia and Trouville of his participaci?de first stage of South

American Liga. *