30-12-2005 | the Athletic Echagüe Club cut to the kenyata Peter Kiganya. The player also led to the establishment in points and bounces but in losses. The leaders also analyze other changes. Sanitary works finalized their III Campus Básquet Works where there were ninety young people of different points from the country.

PARANA. – The Athletic Echagüe Club cut to the kenyata Peter Kiganya and in the next days it will be led to find a reemplazante him. The decision on the foreigner nevertheless would not be the unique one who will take the leadership inasmuch as, of being necessary, he has thought to put hand also in the establishment of nationals to try to reinforce the establishment and power to leave the sport crisis that maintains to the equipment with the worse record of the competition (1-10).

To Kiganya a offer by a smaller pay was done to him, but the proposal was rejected and was automatically in freedom of action after dividing equally the far from negligible number of 16,4 points, 9,3 bounces and 2,2 attendances in 31.5 minutes during nine official parties. The kenyata at the moment maintains the average of goal and of bounces upper of the establishment of the Athletic Echagüe Club (also he was the one that more losses of ball had, 4,6) but trainer Horacio Seguí and his leaders they would look for the greater one to be able under the tables, beyond which the cut of Kiganya would not have relation to technical but rather economic reasons.

Kiganya, eaves of 1,96 meters and 33 years of age, formed in the Abilene Christian University and from 2001 it is by these latitudes. In 2001 and 2003 it played for the Spanish of Talca (Chile), in 2002 it did it for Mixed Grammar school of he himself country and in 2004 it also comprised of Welcome and of Olimpia of Montevideo. Later it returned to its country to play with the Stormers and later one went to Rwanda, where it was in the Kigali. At the beginning of year it returned to Spanish of Talca until finally saturating in Parana.