Adopt A Court

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“The courts of Italy offered the lonely black kid in Italy an escape.”       – Kobe Bryant

Adopt A Court

The playground has always been the fire that forges players between the anvil of competition and a hammer of a critical crowd. Be it Rucker park, or an arena like Madison Square, the court has always been the arbiter between basketball talent and lack of it.

The basketball court has been an escape for millions of people, facing various struggles, at home, work, country etc. The court arguably plays the role of shrink. NBA great Kobe Bryant intimates, “The courts of Italy offered the lonely black kid in Italy an escape”. I can go on and on of people who basketball kept off trouble, ‘Tuff Juice’ author Caron Butler, Delonte West just to name a few. 


Talent is nothing without opportunity. That’s why Adopt-A-Court offers that opportunity to young people and communities to showcase their talent and improve their amenities respectively. As the name suggests, the project appeals to communities to objectively partake in improving their own basketball facilities.

It is a platform where like-minded individuals undertake renovations of the playing surface, markings, repair of rims, backboard, donating shoes, basketballs, devoting time to coach young players etc. By highlighting the current state of the courts, the project appeals to communities, corporates, individuals and institutions to adopt at least a basketball court.

Why Adopt A Court?

In a country laden with massive unemployment, a rise in crime and lack of proper sporting facilities, Adopt-A-Court seeks to channel this energy into positive use. Improved facilities translate to avenues where the youth can showcase their talent and also improve their social amenities. Basketball is a source of employment that has yet to be properly tapped in the country.

As communities, individuals, corporates or institutions, we owe it to our country, posterity and these young kids to create an avenue to showcase their talent, to make things better than we found them, to “end generational poverty” and to build better communities.

How To Adopt A Court

Visit your nearest basketball court, take a picture of its current state and upload it on this website. Make any relevant change, painting, replace the rim, mark the court, work on the playing surface, trim the surroundings any little contribution you can make (you can upload photos or videos of this), then upload the after photos or video.

You earn an Adopt-A-Court star every time you improve your home court. Alternatively, you can take a picture of a court you deem desperate enough to need a facelift. The court will be subjected to a vote and calls for “adoption.”